About Rareboard

Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator and Rarity Dashboard, built for BNB Chain, with $13.2M of volume since launch at the end of 2021.

The Rareboard Mission

Our mission is for Rareboard to become the only platform you need to have a comprehensive overview of the BNB Chain ecosystem in order to efficiently analyse, mint and trade NFTs.
The team has been part of the BNB Chain story since it launched as BSC in 2020. Both as employees at Binance and at some of the first Binance MVB winners. We contributed to the chain’s success in DeFi and we are fully committed to contributing to its success with NFTs.
Having met with the BNB Chain team and the BinanceNFT team - as well as our own experience listening to collectors and project founders in the past 10 months - the problems for the BNB Chain NFT ecosystem are quite clear:
  1. 1.
    A lack of accurate BNB Chain NFT data, in particular trending collections with volume, floor price, recent sales and social media metrics No robust drop calendar that can be relied upon to include all of the upcoming mints in our space
  2. 2.
    A fragmentation of marketplaces, meaning that a collector needs to know about, and trust multiple platforms in order to succeed - this includes the user experience gap between NFT Dexes and the centralised BinanceNFT platform, as well as the separation of Metaverse, GameFi and Collectibles.
With our long-term goals of being an EVM multichain NFT Marketplace aggregator we are also in a position to elevate BNB Chain NFT opportunities to the same level as ETH.
Many of the ETH platforms (such as Gem and Genie, and OpenSea itself) exclude BNB Chain NFTs. By providing a service on a par with those platforms, and including BNB Chain NFTs with an equal or higher level of exposure on Rareboard, we can elevate collections and marketplaces for BNB Chain.

Binance MVB V Accelerator

Rareboard was selected as one of 27 projects from over 650 applicants for the BNB Chain and Binance Labs Accelerator, in July 2022.
The program offers incubated projects funding opportunities, hands-on workshops with industry veterans, networking sessions with market leaders, and a direct connection with both the BNB Chain and Binance Labs teams. The bi-weekly master classes span diverse topics, ranging from scaling infrastructure to Web3 data tooling to product development. Selected projects will be invited to showcase their progress on an investment-focused demo day with venture capitalists and Binance Labs’ limited partners
We were extremely happy to get included as it shows how seriously Binance is taking NFTs in 2022. Getting into MVB is not just about the opportunity for investment from Labs and their investor partners, its a complete accelerator program with fire side chats from Hi Ye and even CZ. We also get to meet other top project founders in the space and learn how we can collaborate to bring Web3 and NFTs to more and more users.
In addition to being accepted into the Accelerator, Rareboard was chosen as one of 8 Monthly Stars by BNB Chain, for August 2022.
Innovation never stops. BNB Chain is committed to identifying and supporting the best potential innovators in our ecosystem, expanding our boundaries and helping users from all walks of life enter the web3 world seamlessly. Our Star Projects each month are the best of the best in driving this process.

What can I do on Rareboard?

  • Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator and Rarity Dashboard
  • You can see NFTs from more than 10 different marketplaces on the rareboard platform and make purchases directly via Rareboard without leaving the site
  • You can accept bids on the NFTs from collections we support -
  • You can place bids on the NFTs they wish to buy, with these bids showing in the UI of our partner marketplaces
  • You can mint from the newest collections on BNB Chain, directly on the Rareboard platform
  • You can find accurate volume and floor data for the collections we support

Rareboard Team

Fab, our founder and tech lead, is a machine learning engineer, who has been a smart contract developer on many of the recent BNB Chain NFT collections.
Luke Rare, previously led growth at Trust Wallet (25M+ users - a Binance company). He has previous success in Web 2.0 taking companies from pre-seed to $5M+ valuations more than once. The Cryptoneer, our Chief Product Officer, has been managing product teams for more than five years as CTO of a European B2B SaaS company. On top of that, he developed several DApps for different NFT projects before joining the core team.
Bonnie, our Community Lead, is a well respected member of the BNB Chain community and is known for her patience, sense of humour and dedication.
We also work closely with a14, a Telegram Bot specialist who has created Mint and Sales tracking bots for more than 50 BNB Chain NFT Collections. As well as Blub, the creator of NFTgranny.org, who has already supported Rareboard on a freelance basis for our back-end indexing of more than 600 NFT collections.

Rareboard Token

Rareboard does not currently have a token. However, we are going through a process of Tokenomic Design as part of the Binance MVB Program.
Our plans, which are subject to change until we make a formal announcement, include the following utilities:
  • Staking for On-Platform Mint and Buy Discounts
  • Staking for a BNB Chain Gas Fee rebate
  • Staking for Advanced Data Tooling and Notifications
  • Staking for Mint Pass advantages
  • Self-serve on-boarding cost for NFT Projects (to burn the Rareboard token)
  • Featured Collection cost for NFT Projects (to burn the Rareboard token)
We plan for the token to have a fixed supply, that is deflationary thanks to a buy-back and burn mechanism from a portion of the platform revenue.
There will not be a public sale of the Rareboard token. However, our current plans are to airdrop the token both to PixelSweeper NFT holders and Rareboard users - your position on the Rareboard Leaderboard is likely to impact the number of tokens you receive.

PixelSweeper NFT Collection

PixelSweeper is a collection of 10,000 robots, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.
PixelSweeper was launched by the Rareboard team in April 2022. The collection sold out in the first days of launch, with the portion allocated to BinanceNFT selling out in 60 seconds.
Since launch there has been over $3M of secondary sales volume with 190+ PancakeSquad NFTs (2500+ BNB) swept for the Prize Vault.
As well as the planned airdrop of the Rareboard token for PixelSweeper holders, it's likely that they will also be a way to amplify the staking benefits of the Rareboard token.


Every feature that we release for Rareboard is based on user feedback and requests from the BNB Chain infrastructure team. We are committed to serving the BNB Chain NFT community and solving the issues our users face with trading NFTs. Some of the features we have planned in the short to mid-term future are:

My NFT Page

You will be able to see all the NFTs you own, for Rareboard listed collections, in your own My NFT Page on rareboard.com This will enable you to accept bids, list items and edit your listings all in one place - without having to hop between collections pages to find your NFTs.

Bids 2.0 on Rareboard

You will be able to place bids on items directly on rareboard.com. These bids will show in the rareboard interface and on our marketplace partners platforms too.
We will also introduce the concept of Selective Global Bids, meaning you will be able to use the Rareboard filters to choose a set of criteria such as traits or rarity percentage for your Global Bids. That means you could, for example, place a Global Bid at a set BNB price for only Gold Skin PixelSweepers.

Sweep on Rareboard

We will introduce a feature that allows you to sweep multiple NFTs at the same time. You will be able to sweep the floor of a certain collection up to the amount of BNB you wish to spend. We will also introduce a “shopping cart” system allowing you to add multiple NFTs across multiple collections to your cart, before executing your trade. This will save you time and gas fees.

List via Rareboard

We will also introduce the ability to list your item directly via the Rareboard platform, and our partner marketplaces will show these buying opportunities in their marketplaces for their users - as well as having them show on Rareboard.

Drop Calendar

Users will be able to see a reliable drop calendar for upcoming NFT mints on BNB Chain - not only those minting on Rareboard - and click through to learn more about the project including date, price, socials etc.
This will be a self-serve feature for projects, with Rareboard simply having to greenlight the project to show on the calendar after the information is submitted.
Users will be able to see trending collections based on 1D/7D/All-time volumes, with information including floor price, average price, sales, number of supply and number of owners. This will be our first steps toward building a comprehensive set of analytics tools for BNB Chain NFTs.

Sales and Price Data

Users will be able to see price or sales volume trend over time on a chart. This will help traders understand the trading volume levels and assess if they should buy, hold or sell. This is another element of the comprehensive analytics tools we will be bringing to Rareboard.

Front End Tech Upgrade

We plan to change the Frontend framework from Angular to Nextjs. Thus moving from a client-side-rendered application to a server-side-rendered application. This will further improve loading speeds as well as making it easier for Search Engines to crawl and index our pages.

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